Chip's Challenge 2 Levels

This page lists almost every level set available on the Internet (except for official CCLP's, which can be found on the main CC page). Note that the Chip's Challenge 2 level set listing is not complete yet; most CC2 sets can be found here at CC Zone. To post a level pack on CC Zone, you will need to become a member if you aren't already.

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Page last updated December 29, 2020. There are currently 65 level sets on the list, containing about 2447 levels.

Level SetDownload FromCreator# of LevelsLast UpdatedSet TypeSpecial Notes
The BobCC ZoneDerek Bowser3712/29/2020 
TSBetaCC ZoneTyler Sontag610/30/2019 
J.B.'s CC2LP1 SubmissionsCC ZoneJ.B. Lewis255/31/2019 
Last Minute CC2LP2 SubmissionsCC ZoneJoshua Bone25/31/2019 
Miika Makes MagicCC ZoneMiika Toukola165/31/2019 
RyanJ1CC ZoneRyan J (random 8)155/31/2019 
IHNN1CC ZoneJeffrey Bardon1005/30/2019 
100 Tiles 2.0: Best of the RestCC ZoneAndrew Menzies555/29/2019Compilation Set
ChiaraCC2CC ZoneChiara Watson255/29/2019 
Chipit or Whiffit: Bonus LevelsCC ZoneAndrew Menzies25/29/2019 
GavinDCC ZoneGavin Duncan505/29/2019 
Motekopasznyaku's CC2LP1 SubmissionsCC ZoneMotekopasznyaku215/29/2019 
Flareon2CC ZoneJosh Lee65/26/2019 
Indy's ChallengeCC ZoneIsaac D105/25/2019 
C1059-CC2CC Zonechipster10592275/21/2019 
EricS-CC2CC ZoneEric Schmidt205/5/2019 
TSAlphaCC ZoneTyler Sontag405/2/2019 
Chipit or WhiffitCC ZoneAndrew Menzies404/17/2019 
Blocker's Dozen RemakeCC Zonechipster1059 and Chiara Watson14/13/2019 
geoRockCC ZoneDave Varberg and Rock Généreux84/4/2019 
CC Zone February 2019 Entries PackagedCC ZoneVarious creators53/13/2019Competition Set
FLX1CC ZoneFelixNemis83/10/2019 
GoldCC ZoneZane Kuecks162/28/2019 
SilverCC ZoneZane Kuecks302/11/2019 
Flareon1CC ZoneJosh Lee402/3/2019 
FlareonRejectsCC ZoneJosh Lee292/2/2019 
TSNullCC ZoneTyler Sontag181/27/2019 
RubyCC ZoneZane Kuecks11/26/2019 
BronzeCC ZoneZane Kuecks201/15/2019 
CC2LP1_Submissions_HCC ZoneH2O14512/18/2018 
ajmiam CC2 PreviewCC ZoneAndrew Menzies2110/18/2018 
ncreCC2CC Zonencrecc1710/14/2018 
August 2018 Create Competition LevelsCC ZoneDave Varberg and H2O510/8/2018Competition Set
Walls of CCLP2CC Zonemobius489/8/2018 
CCZone-May2018CreateComp.zipCC ZoneVarious creators207/2/2018Competition Set
Chip's Challenge 2: Speed EditionCC ZoneRyan J (random 8)2005/1/2018 
Ancient Citadel of ChipsSteamAshley N (Lessinath)543/21/2018 
Walls of Chip's ChallengeSteamJoshua Bone1003/21/2018 
500CC ZoneH2O253/18/2018 
Circle SwivelCC ZoneTom Patten13/18/2018 
Explorer's DelightCC ZoneH2O103/18/2018 
Mind GamesCC ZoneH2O1013/18/2018 
RisingCC ZoneH2O83/18/2018 
Oracle Of LightCC ZoneDave Varberg185/30/2017 
Mobi's ChallengeMediafiremobius1664/5/2017 
Light and DarkCC ZoneNanamin84/4/2017 
CC2 WorldsCC ZoneJoshua Bone203/5/2017 
Nanamin's ChallengeCC ZoneNanamin602/26/2017 
Mystic ChallengeCC ZoneNanamin2212/10/2016 
FLX0CC ZoneFelixNemis65/25/2016 
CC2 RejectsCC ZoneVarious creators2005/16/2016Compilation Set
Centennium IICC ZoneJ.B. Lewis108/25/2015 
PulluxxCC ZonePulluxx258/3/2015 
gm5CC ZoneH308/1/2015 
CentenniumCC ZoneJ.B. Lewis1007/26/2015 
MotekopasznyakuCC ZoneMotekopasznyaku167/9/2015 
The Other 100 Tiles--CC2 PortCC Zoneajmiam1006/28/2015 
Redgown's LabCC ZoneAlan Redgown46/26/2015 
JBoneMisfitsCC ZoneJoshua Bone46/23/2015 
slotsCC ZoneAlan Redgown16/23/2015 
In the Pink for SteamCC ZoneDave Varberg16/15/2015 
The Last Starfighter for SteamCC ZoneDave Varberg16/15/2015 
IHNN0CC ZoneJeffrey Bardon256/14/2015 
UartCC ZoneChuck Sommerville16/14/2015 
geodaveCC2CC ZoneDave Varberg16/3/2015