Created by ultimasonic1
149 levels
Last updated July 14, 2008

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Additional Notes

A version of CCLP2 for playing in Lynx, adapted by ultimasonic1. His description: "CCLP2: Lynx Edition. Contains all the levels of CCLP2 with minor revisions to make them all playable under the Lynx ruleset. Made for players who (like myself) prefer playing in Lynx mode." Note that there is another adaptation of CCLP2 for Lynx by Steven Jones.

Also note that as of August 2014 an official Lynx version of CCLP2 has been released; it can be found here. More information about this project at CC Zone.


Download CCLP2Lynx.dat from Yahoo group archive

Level Solvability List

LevelSolvable in MSSolvable in Lynx