Voting Pack

Created by Various creators
7 levels
Last updated April 10, 2010

Update Set

Additional Notes

A collection of potential levels that was voted on to determine the Cypher level which appears in CCLP3. Level 7 (Animated Cypher, renamed to Motion Blur in CCLP3) won.


Download from CCLP3 site archive

Level Solvability List

LevelSolvable in MSSolvable in Lynx
1. Ida's Cypher (created by Ida R)YesYes
2. Keep On Cyphering (created by Peter Marks)YesYes
3. SyllyCypher (created by Patrick Knowles II)YesYes
4. Cypher III (created by Tyler Sontag)YesYes
5. Cypher (created by Ian Cairns aka PB_Guy)YesYes
6. Boots Were Made for Bridges (created by Nicholas Rupprecht)YesYes
7. Animated Cypher (created by the CCLP3 staff)YesYes

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