Created by Craig Vilbig, James Spriggs, Renegade Plebeian
89 levels
Last updated March 23, 2010

Update Set

Additional Notes

"The Last Few Chips III: Consequences". Originally released in three separate sets. These other versions can also be found at the download link.

Note: there is also a Lynx version of this set at Craig's site. The solvability table below is for the standard version of the set only.


Download CCTLFC3.CCL from Craig Vilbig's website

Level Solvability List

LevelSolvable in MSSolvable in Lynx
1. Welcome to a New DimensionYesUndetermined
2. Can OpenerYesUndetermined
3. ShortcutYesUndetermined
4. RestlessYesUndetermined
5. Tank Wars III: Fast TankerYesUndetermined
6. DuckrollYesUndetermined
7. Straight Forward IIYesUndetermined
8. Melting WastelandYesUndetermined
9. Shift I: Down the Rabbit HoleYesUndetermined
10. WalkaboutYesUndetermined
11. KlondikeYesUndetermined
12. BusyYesUndetermined
13. RockYesUndetermined
14. Shift II: The Pool of TearsYesUndetermined
15. SpiderYesUndetermined
16. Flame ThrowerYesUndetermined
17. Ice PuzzleYesUndetermined
18. SproutsYesUndetermined
19. Doorknob III: What Will HappenYesUndetermined
20. Big Bad BlocksYesUndetermined
21. RecursionYesUndetermined
22. In the LabYesUndetermined
23. The Mission for Fire BootsYesUndetermined
24. Deathmatch IVYesUndetermined
25. Natural SelectionYesUndetermined
26. HalitosisYesUndetermined
27. The CallYesUndetermined
28. AmuletYesUndetermined
29. Stay FrostyYesUndetermined
30. Doorknob IV: A Way OutYesUndetermined
31. Toggle MadnessYesUndetermined
32. ShoesYesUndetermined
33. Lazing AroundYesUndetermined
34. Deathmatch VYesUndetermined
35. EchoesYesUndetermined
36. The HiveYesUndetermined
37. The CreatorYesUndetermined
38. LeavingYesUndetermined
39. Finding DezmondYesUndetermined
40. Death of Dezmond YesUndetermined