Created by David Thomas
36 levels
Last updated May 29, 2006

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Level Solvability List

LevelSolvable in MSSolvable in Lynx
1. No Time YesUndetermined
2. Clone War YesYes
3. Chase I YesUndetermined
4. Block Puzzle YesUndetermined
5. Fortress YesUndetermined
6. Chaos Dodge YesYes
7. Tricks and Traps YesUndetermined
8. Attack of the Clones YesUndetermined
9. Random Stuff YesYes
10. Chase II YesYes
11. Chip Security I YesUndetermined
12. Stuff YesUndetermined
13. Glider Attack YesUndetermined
14. Force Dodge YesUndetermined
15. Chaos Land YesUndetermined
16. Chip Security II YesUndetermined
17. Myst (based on the game by Cyan) YesUndetermined
18. Tank Attack YesUndetermined
19. Space Battle YesUndetermined
20. Spire (based on the game by Ubi Soft) YesUndetermined
21. The Empire Strikes Back YesUndetermined
22. Exile Part I: J'nanin YesYes
23. Chase III YesUndetermined
24. Treasure Hunt YesUndetermined
25. The Guardians of the Maze YesUndetermined
26. Headache YesUndetermined
27. Legends of Metru Nui YesUndetermined
28. Ice Puzzle YesUndetermined
29. Exile Part II: The Marble Machine (Dynamic Forces) YesUndetermined
30. The Contained Puzzle YesUndetermined
31. Chip Security III YesUndetermined
32. Nine Rooms YesUndetermined
33. Blocked and Trapped YesUndetermined
34. Exile Part III: Voltaic (Energy) YesUndetermined
35. Four Corners YesUndetermined
36. The Credits NoNo