Created by Steven Jones (Syzygy)
237 levels
Last updated September 18, 2017

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Additional Notes

An MS-only version of Steven's E_trilogy MS/Lynx set.

Notes from Steven: "The latest addition to my sets are the E-Trilogy sets (combination of three prior sets with additional levels added mostly from competitions on CCZone). The reason for two sets is because there are several levels in each set that are made for that ruleset only, and some levels have minor alterations.

Level 16 - MS has Skeptic Debunked - Lynx has Swiped Away
Level 24 - Serendipity - MS version is only solvable in MS. Lynx version is solvable in both MS and Lynx
Level 29 - Silhouettes de 101 Apparitions - MS version is only solvable in MS. Lynx version only solvable in Lynx.
Level 30 - MS has Northern Territory, Lynx has Sub-Station Alpha. Each only solvable in the set it's in (as per a certain competition requirement)
Level 33 - Sand Boxes - is in both sets, but each version is only solvable in the set it's in.
Level 121 - Zodiac 2 - The upper left corner where Chip starts is slightly different in Lynx. I added a toggle wall and button a few steps away.
Level 161 - Getting Into the Lab - in MS there are three toggle walls at the beginning.

Level 180 - Notebook on Desk - The Lynx version is different along the top section, with keys and doors added.
Level 187 - Great Giza - one force floor (4,26) points south in MS but east in Lynx.
Level 206 - Lynx Ruleset Test - hallway at upper left corner is slightly modified (more water, ice, bomb, force floor, gravel, popup walls)
Level 214 - Seeing Red - The line of clones at 1,16 to 7,16 is teeth in Lynx and flames in MS.
Level 216 - Morton Swap - there is a slight difference in the cloning mechanisms.
Level 229 - Sideswipe - is in both sets but MS version is modified to make it playable.
Level 234 - Bee to Bee to a Tee - slightly different in each set in the middle and bottom sections (toggle walls, planes vs balls, and bugs).
Level 235 - Orienteering - The clone at 7,16 is a paramecium in Lynx but a flame in MS.

Other changes in some levels include block cloners changed to blocks on traps."


Download E_Trilogy_MS.ccl from CC Zone

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