Created by Insane2757
31 levels
Last updated October 16, 2001

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Additional Notes

You can also download the version with extra music files.


Download Insane1.dat from Yahoo group archive

Level Solvability List

LevelSolvable in MSSolvable in Lynx
1. First test! YesUndetermined
2. Don't push my buttons! YesUndetermined
3. "Tank Tracks" and Field YesUndetermined
4. Force + Bombs = KABLOOEY! YesUndetermined
5. Run, Chip, Run! YesUndetermined
6. Enter the Firemaker YesUndetermined
7. The 7th Ring of Hell YesUndetermined
8. Scavenger Hunt YesUndetermined
9. Ghost Town UndeterminedUndetermined
10. Graveyard Shift UndeterminedUndetermined
11. Choices YesUndetermined
12. ... and the bug pointed the way. YesUndetermined
13. Invasion of the Frog Monsters YesUndetermined
14. Invasion fo the Frog Monsters- Part 2 UndeterminedUndetermined
15. The Firemaker Returns! YesUndetermined
16. Riddle me this... YesUndetermined
17. The Firemaker's Apprentice YesYes
18. The Firemaker's Slave YesUndetermined
19. Olympics UndeterminedUndetermined
20. Algebra Challenge YesUndetermined
21. The Firemaker's Arena UndeterminedUndetermined
22. The Apprentice's Massacre YesYes
23. Ice Blockey YesYes
24. Another Firemaker Arena YesUndetermined
25. The Final Battle With the Apprentice YesUndetermined
26. Invasion of the Frog Monsters- Part 3 YesUndetermined
27. Massive Flooding YesUndetermined
28. Dizzy Port UndeterminedUndetermined
29. Mr. Frog's Neighborhood UndeterminedUndetermined
30. FIRE! YesUndetermined
31. Sliders UndeterminedUndetermined
32. To Be Continued... NoNo