Compilation Set

Created by Josh Lee
149 levels
Last updated June 27, 2013

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Additional Notes

A "best-of" compilation from Josh containing levels from his previous sets, as well as some new ones. Note from Josh: "This is Josh Lee's (Flareon350's) Chip's Challenge Level Pack! Consisting of my best 149 levels, this set is fully Lynx-compatible! 65 levels are brand new, 19 levels from JoshL1, 35 from JoshL2, and 30 from JoshL3! Only 126/149 levels are eligible for CCLP1!"

Josh has uploaded a TWS file with solutions for this set at CC Zone. View the scoreboard for this set at pie guy's site (note that the version there is an outdated version of the set).


Download JCCLP1 from Yahoo group archive

Level Solvability List

LevelSolvable in MSSolvable in Lynx

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