KefrithLP1 By

Created by Kevin F. Smith
15 levels
Last updated November 30, 2012

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Additional Notes

A scoreboard for the set can also be found at Kevin's site.


Download KefrithLP1 By from Kevin F. Smith's website

Level Solvability List

LevelSolvable in MSSolvable in Lynx
1. Think FastYesUndetermined
2. Too Good To Be TrueYesNo
3. LockpickYesNo
4. Count To Eight!YesUndetermined
5. Just Plain AnnoyingYesNo
6. Only One Right WayYesUndetermined
7. Random Chaos TortureYesNo
8. Tanks For The MemoryYesUndetermined
9. Open the Toggle Doors, HALYesUndetermined
10. The Chip is a LieYesNo
11. ERROR: Viewing this level requires Chips Challenge Gold!YesNo
12. Alpha Beta Gamma DeltaNoNo
13. QuartermasterYesUndetermined
14. Minefield XYesNo
15. Tricks of the TradeYesNo