Created by Kris L
20 levels
Last updated December 18, 2006

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Additional Notes

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Level Solvability List

LevelSolvable in MSSolvable in Lynx
1. Help! YesUndetermined
2. Watch out! YesUndetermined
3. Who Needs the Flippers? YesUndetermined
4. 4 Rooms YesYes
5. More Chips YesUndetermined
6. Look Out for Blobs YesUndetermined
7. Lots of Tools YesUndetermined
8. Circling Gliders YesUndetermined
9. More Nuts and Bolts YesUndetermined
10. Blocked YesUndetermined
11. An Easier Trinity YesUndetermined
12. A Harder Hunt YesUndetermined
13. Northpole YesYes
14. Ball Rooms YesYes
15. Chipper YesUndetermined
16. The Moat Got Easier to Cross YesUndetermined
17. Tossed Salad Dressing YesUndetermined
18. 30 Rooms YesYes
19. Monster Rooms YesYes
20. Chip TunnelsYesYes