Lessinath Impossible.ccl

Created by Lessinath
9 levels
Last updated January 10, 2012

Update Set

Additional Notes

A set of extremely difficult levels from Stefan.


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Level Solvability List

LevelSolvable in MSSolvable in Lynx
1. About This SetUndeterminedUndetermined
2. Walker Rage Hard ModeUndeterminedUndetermined
3. Stupid Blob ClonersUndeterminedUndetermined
4. Gnawing 2UndeterminedUndetermined
5. The DepthsUndeterminedUndetermined
6. Escape the Nuée ArdenteUndeterminedUndetermined
7. MesocycloneUndeterminedUndetermined
8. SlideUndeterminedUndetermined
9. NightmareUndeterminedUndetermined

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