Created by Markus
12 levels
Last updated December 23, 2014

Update Set

Additional Notes

More info about this set at CC Zone. The last 3 levels of the set are unfinished.

Markus has also created a set for CCLP4 consideration with levels from this set and his others.


Download MO3.dat from CC Zone

Level Solvability List

LevelSolvable in MSSolvable in Lynx
1. Visions in Blue UndeterminedUndetermined
2. Resourceful UndeterminedUndetermined
3. GravelwaysUndeterminedUndetermined
4. Colour ControlUndeterminedUndetermined
5. SmugglerUndeterminedUndetermined
6. Generic Itemswapper UndeterminedUndetermined
7. PhotopiaUndeterminedUndetermined
9. Scaring Contest UndeterminedUndetermined
10. Summer Garden UndeterminedUndetermined
12. UndeterminedUndetermined
13. AdditionUndeterminedUndetermined
14. UndeterminedUndetermined