Created by Andy Thomas
20 levels
Last updated March 20, 2007

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Level Solvability List

LevelSolvable in MSSolvable in Lynx
1. World TourYesYes
2. Ice PatrolYesNo
3. Swim MeetYesNo
4. Work Fast!YesNo
5. Island PuzzleYesNo
6. External ClockYesNo
7. The Monster MachineYesNo
8. Crazy MazeYesYes
9. Time CapsulYesYes
10. Key and Boot PuzzleYesNo
11. Gold MineYesYes
12. Moon LandingYesYes
13. Annoyance 1YesNo
14. The Exile (A game by Broderbund)YesYes
15. The Hour GlassYesYes
16. Pass a Bill Through GovernmentYesNo
17. Annoyance 2YesNo
18. External Clock 2YesNo
19. Myst III Exile: The Final AgeYesNo
20. Tune the EngineYesNo