Created by David Stolp (pie guy)
18 levels
Last updated January 19, 2019

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Additional Notes

Requires pgchip.

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Level Solvability List

LevelSolvable in MSSolvable in Lynx
1. chaotic organizationYesNo
2. totally backwardsYesUndetermined
3. grump jan swimYesYes
4. wisdom teethYesNo
5. choices, choicesYesUndetermined
6. the end of level 35YesNo
7. lucky 7YesYes
8. same gameYesUndetermined
9. avalancheYesUndetermined
10. avalancheYesUndetermined
11. under the microscopeYesNo
12. slavemakerYesNo
13. crash and burnUndeterminedNo
14. avalanche IIUndeterminedNo
15. modulo fourteenYesUndetermined
16. a moment like thisYesUndetermined
17. for the impatient onesYesUndetermined
18. end of all timeUndeterminedNo

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