Created by Rusty Hawkins
19 levels
Last updated June 26, 2006

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Level Solvability List

LevelSolvable in MSSolvable in Lynx
1. Hell Freezes Over NoNo
2. Security YesUndetermined
3. Blockade YesUndetermined
4. Glacial Springs YesNo
5. Frenzy YesNo
6. Certain Doom UndeterminedNo
7. Blitzkrieg NoNo
8. Block Puzzle YesNo
9. Bomb Shelter NoNo
10. Alaskan Pipeline YesUndetermined
11. Museum YesUndetermined
12. Glagnar's Lair YesUndetermined
13. Into The Belly Of The Beast NoNo
14. Alternate Universe YesNo
15. Death Chamber UndeterminedNo
16. Helter Skelter NoNo
17. Toggle Boggle YesYes
18. Rush Hour YesUndetermined
19. Valley Of The Balls YesUndetermined
20. The End NoNo