Created by Tyler Sontag
22 levels
Last updated December 14, 2014

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Download TS2.dat from Yahoo group archive
Download TS2.dat from pie guy's site

Level Solvability List

LevelSolvable in MSSolvable in Lynx
1. Death and Destruction YesUndetermined
2. Empty Rooms YesUndetermined
3. The IlluminatiYesUndetermined
4. Bloody TearsYesUndetermined
5. RegicideYesUndetermined
6. The Little Engine That CouldYesUndetermined
7. Orbit YesUndetermined
8. Tales from the CryptYesUndetermined
9. Melancholia YesUndetermined
10. Bam Thwok YesUndetermined
11. Trapped, Trapped, Trapped, Till the Cage Is Full YesUndetermined
12. Snowbound YesUndetermined
13. Forsythia YesUndetermined
14. Sweetness and Light YesUndetermined
15. Gap Teeth YesUndetermined
16. Teeth DispensaryYesUndetermined
17. Prolonging the MagicYesUndetermined
18. FlippantYesUndetermined
19. Exclusive OrYesUndetermined
20. White Noise YesUndetermined
21. The Crusher YesUndetermined
22. MonorailYesUndetermined

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