Created by Bona Rae Villarta
26 levels
Last updated December 23, 2001

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You can also download the version with extra music files.


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Level Solvability List

LevelSolvable in MSSolvable in Lynx
1. Portland, Maine YesUndetermined
2. Boston, Massachussetts YesUndetermined
3. Provindence, Rhode Island YesUndetermined
4. Hartford, Connecticut YesUndetermined
5. New York, New York YesUndetermined
6. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania YesUndetermined
7. Washington, DC YesUndetermined
8. Baltimore, Maryland YesUndetermined
9. Somewhere in WV YesUndetermined
10. Cincinnati, Ohio YesUndetermined
11. Columbus, Ohio YesUndetermined
12. Indianapolis, Indiana YesUndetermined
13. Ft. Wayne, Indiana YesUndetermined
14. Detroit, Michigan YesUndetermined
15. Green Bay, Wisconsin YesUndetermined
16. Duluth, Minnesota YesUndetermined
17. Minneapolis, Minnesota YesUndetermined
18. Des Moines, Iowa YesUndetermined
19. Chicago, Illinois YesUndetermined
20. St. Louis, Missouri YesUndetermined
21. Kansas City, Missouri YesUndetermined
22. Denver, Colorado YesUndetermined
23. Salt Lake City, Utah YesUndetermined
24. Las Vegas, Nevada YesUndetermined
25. San Francisco, California YesUndetermined
26. THANKS TO... YesUndetermined